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Does Allegiant Air offer a military discount?

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Allegiant proudly supports our U.S. active and reserve duty military and military veterans of the seven (7) uniformed services offering select free benefits.

Free services offered for active duty, reserve duty, and veteran members of the U.S. Army, Marine Corps., Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service Commissioned Corps., National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Officer Corps., with valid identification:

  • Up to two (2) pieces of checked baggage. Each bag must weigh under 100 lbs.
  • No charge for oversize checked baggage. Maximum size is 115 linear inches in height + width + length.
  • One (1) carry-on bag within Allegiant size limits.
  • One (1) personal item within Allegiant size limits.
  • Free boarding pass printing at the airport.
  • Up to one (1) pet in cabin.
  • Spouses and dependents may qualify for the same benefits only if traveling on the same itinerary with the eligible military traveler.
  • Qualifying service members will be called to board early. *
  • Active and reserve military will not be charged a change or cancelation fee due to a change in orders.
    (To change or cancel an existing reservation active military personnel must contact Customer Care.)

* All passengers traveling on a single itinerary with a military member may board together when called to board early.

To qualify for the benefits of the Allegiant Honors program, U.S. military members of the seven uniformed services and their dependents traveling on an Allegiant itinerary must show proof with one of the following government ID(s):

  • DOD Common Access Card (CAC)
  • Uniformed Services ID Card or driver’s license with a veteran designation on it at the airport during check-in.
  • DD Form 214
  • DD Form 2
  • DD Form 2765
  • DD Form 1173-1 (dependents only if traveling with military honoree)
  • Veteran ID card

How to receive Allegiant Honors benefits

It’s easy. To reserve bags, in-cabin pet, or to obtain a printed boarding pass, our ticket agents will verify your ID and add the optional items and services listed above on your itinerary.

If you have already paid for items which qualify for a military waiver, once we’ve confirmed your identification at the airport, contact our call center at your convenience to arrange a credit for eligible fees.

We researched this on February 13, 2023.

Discount Amount

Free bags

General FAQs

If you’re active duty or retired military you may be eligible for discounts at many restaurants, businesses, and local establishments. 

This includes all five branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine corps. Often the National Guard and Reserves are also included.

Often documentation is required to prove involvement with military and other government organizations. 

To present your proof of active duty or veteran status make sure you have at least one of the following documents. 

  • Military ID card (Active and expired ID card)
  • State-issued ID that lists veteran status (i.e., a driver’s license)
  • Form DD 214 (Dept. of Defense discharge papers)

No. Most of the time the military member is required to apply for the discount for themselves and/or family.

Normally military discounts are reserved for the military member. Occasionally, depending on discount policy, immediate family members may also use it. 


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